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More and more insurance brokers and agents prefer Sibro v3 for their operations

Prasanth Peter, Director, AIMS Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd.

We are extremely happy with the software. The user interface is very simple and straightforward. We were able to implement it with minimal training for our Employees.

Prasanth Peter, Director, AIMS Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd.
Sabarinath, Principal Officer, Securus Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd.

The utility of this software in our functioning is immense. We completely stopped depending on excels and files. This gives all our required reports and information. Now, its hard to imagine our operation without Sibro.

Sabarinath, Principal Officer, Securus Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd.

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Why Sibro?


End to End Policy Management

From Prospect Follow-ups to Quotation Management to Premium Transactions to Policy Delivery, Manage all the Policy Management Process Easily and Seamlessly.

Manage & Track Claims Seamlessly

Track, Follow Up and Proactively Get your Claims Processed with the aid of SIBRO. It covers full Claims Cycle of all Policy Class, with TAT Tracking & Follow up Capturing.

TPA Integration

SIBRO Integrates with all Major Third Party Administrators to get real-time Claim Updates. This reduces the overall claim processing TATs and Operational Costs.

Multi Branch Support

SIBRO Scales with your business. SIBRO also comes with Multi Branch Support that are out of the box. Be it Top, Medium or Entry level, control who gets what with user level permission controls.

POS Ready

If you are into POS based policy sales, SIBRO has got you covered. Create New POS agents, this allows them to log in and manage their operations via Sibro.

Powerful Brokerage Reconciliation

SIBRO comes with a powerful and easy to use Brokerage Reconciliation Module that ensures that the software entries are accurate. It also makes sure that the brokerage is right on time without errors.

Renewal Management

Manage all your Renewals Promptly and on time with SIBRO, with Reminders, Follow-ups and Escalations.

Prospect Management

Make timely and proactive follow-ups, track the past follow up notes and set prospect business reminders with SIBRO’s Prospect Management Module.


SIBRO comes with a growing list of Reports and alerts that help you take better decisions on time. You can also get all your regulatory reports in the exact formats required by your regulator. They are updated as and when they change at no additional cost.

Front and Back Office Management

SIBRO comes with a simple Inward and Outward Tracker for your front office. It also comes with an internal ticket system that helps you get all your internal communications and tasks done.

SMS & Emails Notifications

Sibro seamlessly integrates with your preferred SMS and Email Service Providers. This helps in sending Automated and Managed Emails & SMS to your customers and employees at your preferred triggers.

Daily Email Reports

Get automated daily and weekly appointments, renewal duelists and business summary from your mailbox in SIBRO.

Google Drive Integration

Sibro seamlessly integrates with Google Drive. So, your Google account becomes your second document archive. This also empowers you to collaborate, edit and manage documents like RFQ without downloading it to your local machine.

Standardize your documents across branches

Generate Broker Slips and Quote comparisons in your own format through templates defined by you. With Google Drive integration, you can effortlessly keep track of all your proposals and their revisions, online and with no mess.

Connect Everywhere

SIBRO can communicate with other Apps on the web with its API set. We also create custom APIs for your custom requirements. Be it pulling inquiries from your website or marketing campaigns, even pushing transactions to your Accounting Software.

Quotation Engine

Whether REST or SOAP APIs, SIBRO can communicate and get Quotations from Supported Insurance Company websites. Our technical team is highly experienced in building Custom Quotation Calculators too.

Low Learning Curve

SIBRO has a minimal and consistent design that helps get you and your staffs on-board with minimal training. The simple and smart suggestions in SIBRO are loved by our users.

Open Source Technology Stack

SIBRO is built on “Laravel 5”, one of the best PHP frameworks for back-end and “Vue.js” for the front end. The technology stack makes SIBRO secure, scalable, modular and built for the web.

Designed for Customization

Not everyone fits the mould. We know that every broker or insurance company works differently, and has unique requirements and USP. The SIBRO team does not believe in delivering the same configuration to all. We will be in your shoes to customize and stitch SIBRO to your processes. We want you to grow and be the best at what you stand for. We will work as a technology partner in achieving your business objective.

We are Agile

We Believe in creating the best value for our Partners. We work on the most important priorities of our clients and deliver them in short iterations. With our Agile Approach, we have been solving the problems of our customers in the shortest time and with significant value for money. We also assure High Quality and a 99% Bug-Free Experience. We have systems and processes to ensure that all our clients have a great user experience.

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