Top things every Business must know about Vue.js

While creating a dynamic web user interface, you must use a reliable and developing framework. Different javascript frameworks are available out there, though, Vue.js is the most preferred choice as a progressive javascript framework.

Vue.js is ease of use, adaptable, and easily integrated into massive projects for front end development without any major issues. All you need is a basic understanding of HTML and JS and you can ace it.

Read further to know about why Vue.js is a prominent choice for creating websites and single page applications.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript front end framework to develop interactive web interfaces using HTML and Javascript. It offers smooth and seamless integration with different developmental tools and libraries. It is simple and easy-to-understand framework hence its is the wise option for beginners to get started.

How popular is Vue.js? And why?

  • Vue.js has been used by top companies like Facebook, Xiaomi, Grammarly, Adobe, Netflix, etc. 
  • Vue.js has reached around 1.6 million monthly downloads in June of 2018. 
  • Vue.js has received the highest amount of stars in GitHub in the year 2017 out of all JavaScript projects, more than React and Angular.

Vue.js is extremely fast and a sophisticated stack option for several companies and developers. It is adaptable and delivers data reactive components with a simple and flexible API. Basically, it has no limitations in terms of usage of Vue.js.

Why should business use this?

  • Generally for better use, the size of the framework should be smaller. In the case of Vue.js, it is very small and hence the efficient usage. (18-21 KB) It can be downloaded in no time. It exceeds the speed of all the popular frameworks like Angular.js, React.js, and Ember.js. 
  • Since the structure is quite easy and simple to understand, one can easily develop both small and large scale templates in lesser time compared to other frameworks. Thus, companies can save their time and money in investing more developers to reduce bugs. Get things done faster!   
  • Vue.js is designed to be versatile that it can be used in various environments. Surprisingly, it can be used inside PHP, JavaScript, and more frameworks. You can add any number of features as per project needs. 
  • Vue.js offers great support for Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s). It can be easily added, configured, and many more. 
  • If you’re developing a large app for your business, then Vue.js is the go-to option. Most codes can be reused for such big projects. 
  • Vue.js allows two way communications; it has MVVM architecture and so handles HTML blocks at ease.

Overall, use Vue.js and experience the higher levels of interactivity in business. It brings more cool and customised features to the app which is always welcomed by the users. Also, it’s exciting for developers to work in a modern framework development.

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