15 Top Reasons to use WordPress for your Website

Most people when they hear the word ‘WordPress,’ they believe it as a blogging website right away. Indeed it is one of the most famous blogging tools available. But there is so much more to WordPress than that. It is a thoroughly featured content management system which gives you enormous power, flexibility, and ease of use.

Are you building your own website or redesigning your existing website? You must consider developing it using the WordPress platform – an incredibly versatile choice for building eye-grabbing websites for personal or commercial use.

So, what exactly is the role of a WordPress?

WordPress assists you to effortlessly create, edit, manage, and publish content on your site without having a prior knowledge in programming. Also, it makes sure that the website displays perfectly on all devices.

Still didn’t get a clarity? 

In simple words, it is a software that allows you to maintain a database of any kind of information – text, photos, audio, or video files. It can be displayed and formatted in the way you dreamt of!

By the time, I hope you’ve perceived the efficacy of WordPress. Not only that, there are many benefits in using it. Read on.

15 reasons on why to use WordPress:

  1. WordPress is an open source software, i.e., it is free to use, edit, and redistribute. 
  2. WordPress is easy-to-setup and affordable. You can install and start working on it in five minutes approx.
  3. WordPress offers you enormous flexibility and versatility options to create any website. It also gives you a wide range of wordpress themes and plugins thereby increasing the functionality to a larger extent. 
  4. We all know, Google ranks every website in search results on the basis of predefined parameters. WordPress helps you fulfil more parameters thereby improving the search engine visibility of your website. Furthermore, website plugins are available to ease the SEO process.
  5. No matter if you are a developer or not, WordPress has a user-friendly dashboard and you can easily customise the designs, colours, features of a WordPress theme.
  6. WordPress has a large community to help people in troubleshooting. The support forum already consists of millions of queries and answers.
  7. In the case of HTML websites, you will need to create a separate website for mobile phones and PCs. But WordPress supports all mobile platforms and screen sizes.
  8. WordPress plugins will protect the website from malware, hackers, and enforce strong passwords.
  9. Plenty of customisable functions are available for better content management system. You can even schedule posts to be published at specific times.
  10. You can improve branding by creating a small community inside your website where customers can interact and share their feedback.
  11.  WordPress allows you to work with several third-party services without the help of a developer. For instance, to integrate a payment gateway or to install an automatic backup system.
  12. Are you targeting a global audience? If yes, WordPress is a must-have for your website. Here, you can translate your website into over 40 languages and create separate website for each language.
  13. For exclusive content like online courses or tutorials, you can build a premium membership site.
  14. If you are not satisfied with the current web hosting provider, you have the option to move to another hosting provider; which you can’t do in most platforms.
  15. WordPress is of less maintenance. You can easily backup and update using plugins in a single click. It will even inform you when an update is available.

WordPress offers you the perfect foundation to build a lasting website. If you use it appropriately, you can heighten security and efficiency of your business. Ready to get started? Speak with the experts for assistance! 

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