Does your business need a Progressive Web App?

Though Progressive Web Application is quite an emerging phenomenon, most businesses have been started using it already. For example, Flipkart, Forbes, OLX, etc. These days, any company which wants to appeal to customers are developing a progressive web app since people are revolving more towards mobile.

Does your business have a website?

Does your business make money on your website through advertising, e-commerce, etc?

If yes, you definitely need a Progressive Web Application. It has a significant effect on functionality and revenue.

According to the recent report, after using AliExpress has 104% increase in conversion rates for new users and Twitter has increase of 75% in tweets, 65% in pages per session, and a decrease of 20% in bounce rate.

What is a Progressive Web Application?

In simple words, Progressive Web Application looks like a web app but delivers the experience of a native app.

Before taking a closer look into the significance and functions of Progressive Web Application, let’s be clear on what a native app and web app is.

Native app – It is distributable and downloadable from the mobile app store respective to OS.

Web app – It is accessible from within a web browser by simple entering their address or URL.

So, Progressive Web Application is designed in a way to exceed the expectations of a mobile web app and native web app by delivering the best customized features of each to mobile users. It does not require you to write the code again and again for various platforms. It is more secure as they have HTTPS to provide transaction security. In addition to that, you don’t have to install any apps instead it can be accessed in a browser by simply placing it on the home screen.

Here are a few key statistics of Progressive Web Application found by the AppInstitute.Bounce rate is decreased by a phenomenal 42.86% compared to mobile websites

15 x times faster to load and install

25 x times less device storage required 

133.67% increase in page views

78% increase in average session

52% increase in average conversion

68% increase of mobile traffic

However, a few businesses are unlikely to create Progressive Web Apps due to the business limitations. To identify if your business needs it or not, this is all what you need. By the end of this article, you can make a clear decision in hold of enriched information.

Functions of a Progressive Web Application:

  • It enables the app to load instantly on repeat visits by displaying the cached content immediately. Followed by that, the rest of the page will be delivered progressively. 
  • It can be added to home screen offering the visibility and accessibility as same as a native app. 
  • It provides offline functionality to achieve a great level of performance irrespective of the network condition. 
  • It enables push notifications to communicate with the site visitors in personalized way.
  • It offers secure online payment. Customers need not fill in the checkout forms as the payment details will be automatically restored.

Advantages of a Progressive Web Application:

  • Developers need not build the app for multiple platforms as a progressive web app will work perfectly on both android and iOS. 
  • Customers need not visit an app store, install, and accept several permissions. Rather they can merely click on the site, add the app to a home screen, and start using it. How simple is that! 
  • Whenever a developer releases new versions, customers can avoid themselves from updating. They can maintain the old app version until they update. 
  • Researchers found that about 80% of the smartphone users move apps to the home screen intentionally. This ability makes it more competitive with web apps
  • It is HTTPS enabled and so it ensures that all users information are protected including customer information, payment transactions, and their browsing history. 
  • It offers universal access, that is, customers can simply navigate to any browser and access the app instantly.

Disadvantages of a Progressive Web Application:

  • Few devices cannot support the entire software functionality. It has some support issues in Android devices whereas iOS devices does not support notifications and shortcut prompting on the home screen.
  • Hardware components like GPS, fingerprint scanners, bluetooth, camera, etc is not supported on all devices. 
  • It does not support all browsers especially newer and custom browser versions. 
  • Since the app is not available in app stores, it might reduce the search traffic.

To summarize, Progressive Web App is a go-to option for different businesses. It not only based on customer loyalty and satisfaction, but also on low development costs, enhanced security, seamless operations, and so on.

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