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Jerin @ 3

Yesterday was not a normal day. The day needs to be bookmarked because it’s our ultimately energetic Jerin’s birthday!

Jerin Jayaraj is a full stack developer in Protracked and a living proof that one can’t be judged by their age. He has the youngest heart of anyone we know. He started his life in ours 3 years ago and has been an eminent part of company’s every milestones.

Our workspace wouldn’t be much happier and productive without a colleague like him. So to match his cheerfulness, we decided to cheer him back with a delicious red velvet cake.

After giving him free cake facials and taking hard-to-cover group selfies, we returned to work with half a mind. An absolute birthday celebration shouldn’t end there. How’s birthday fulfilled without a sumptuous feast? That’s when he revealed the plan of taking us out for dinner. We could not be more excited! Fortunately, the day has come where we get to skip the boring hostel dinner.

After looking around the clock for the nth time, the time has finally come. He drove us to the popular hotel which takes about 30 minutes from our office. Everything was much beautifully convincing – weather, travel, music. He threw a birthday treat as epic as his professional achievements this year.

Now, without a doubt, we are suffering from the side effects of the incredible birthday treat he threw. Won’t complain, though! 😛

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