Why is Laravel the best framework?

With increasing demands for web development, technologies are evolving quite rapidly resulting in various frameworks. There are numerous frameworks like Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, and more. Every framework has its own features, capabilities and customization options. After doing extensive research on each framework, it has been found that Laravel is the premier framework which helps in developing structured and efficient web applications.

Are you wondering, ‘How Laravel fulfils all the web application needs?’ Here are the major reasons why Laravel remains the top-notch framework out of all.

But before taking a deep dive into that, for a newbie, what is Laravel?

Laravel is a php-based web framework for designing web applications with an easy-to-use syntax. It is an open source framework henceforth while using them, you need not build the website from the scratch; thus it saves your time and effort.

What makes the Laravel most popular?

Developer-friendly: No Laravel version is established without a proper documentation! The coding, methods, and classes are well-explained in a detailed manner. The documentation is consistent enough to make a beginner understand and proceed it at ease.

Simple and secure authentication: Laravel offers an out-of-the-box configuration to compile authentication logic and control access to resources. 

MVC support: The MVC pattern makes certain the clarity of logic and presentation. This support has multiple built-in functions and helps you in enhancing the performance and allowing better documentation.

Eloquent ORM: It is Laravel’s built-in Object Relational Mapping (ORM) implementation. It allows you to interact with your database objects and relationships using easy-to-understand syntax. 

Artisan: Laravel has a built-in command line interface named as Artisan. It allows to manage most of the tedious and repetitive progressive tasks which many developers avoid to perform manually. While building your application, it can help you by providing helpful commands. You can even upgrade the capabilities and functionality of Artisan using your own commands.

In-built templates: Laravel has in-built lightweight templates and is designed to create a simple and attention-grabbing layout using dynamic content seeding. Also, it has several widgets integrating CSS and JS code with solid structures. 

LIbraries: Along with Object Oriented Libraries, it also has many pre-installed libraries which is not found in any other PHP frameworks. Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries – easy to implement and has numerous advanced features like Bcrypt hashing, password reset, checking active users, CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection and encryption.

MIgration system: Laravel facilitates to change the database structure without re-creating the database whenever developers make a change. Instead of SQL, you can change the database structure by just using PHP code.

Unit-Testing: Laravel offers the facility to perform many tests to make sure that the changes made don’t break anything in the web application. 

 Pagination: Pagination is a time-saving feature. It paginates data from the database, thus it’s essential for developers who want to build web and API services.

Because of its unique features and architecture, Laravel’s popularity is increasing day by day. This framework is highly preferred by developers and businesses for its optimized programming results. Start learning today and become a professional Laravel developer!

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