Why Vue.js is better than Angular?

Many businessmen are in chaos to choose a front-end JavaScript framework which is best-suited for their business. Other few businessmen are confused in deciding between the two development tools Vue.js or Angular to create web applications. If you are one among them, this article is a must-read for you. By the end of the article, you will be aware of why Vue.js is the best and it has been used by popular companies.

Basically, scalability, performance, and structure of your application depends on the framework you choose. At present, Vue.js and Angular are the most popular front-end frameworks. Though Vue.js is mostly preferred because of its speed, functionality, and many more.

Why is Vue.js the best front-end development framework?

  • Vue.js codes are clean and simple which can be read and understood by anyone. This property proceeds the development process much easier.
  • Whenever an app is developed using Vue.js, it is as small as about 18 KB after zipping. Which customer won’t prefer an app that covers a little space yet performs brilliant?  
  • Vue.js is easy to learn for beginners if they have little knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Hence, lot of Vue.js developers are emerging out and no need to stress about hiring.
  • Apps developed using Vue.js is faster to download and bring into action due to its small memory consumption.
  • Vue.js offers an easy and straightforward integration process. This enables Vue.js developers to create single page app from scratch and to integrate high-end components into an existing application simultaneously.
  • Vue.js also offers service side rendering option and so the speed and progress of the workings of the pages can be improved on the customers’ end. Thus, it delivers great customer satisfaction.

In short, if you want a lightweight and single-page application, it’s appropriate to choose Vue.js. Also, if your priority is speed and performance, Vue.js is the way to go – look no further! 

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