The SaaS Checklist

An ideal SaaS product can be built by understanding audiences and building products which solve their specific needs. Follow this article and you can build a high-end SaaS product without any doubt.

Before getting down to the details, I’ve mentioned a few things below to help you better visualise about what SaaS is and what it does.

What is SaaS?

Short answer: SaaS is an optimised model to deliver core business applications instantly and effectively. No need to install on each and every computer!

Long answer: SaaS (Software as a Service) is a software delivery and licensing method and so the data can be accessed from any device using an internet connection and a web browser. These products are maintained and updated automatically by a provider.

Reports from FinancesOnline conveys that 51% of companies perform their operations using SaaS products. 

Previously, companies were overwhelmed to develop a new application. Processes like custom development, testing, training, sales, installation, etc could usually take a few weeks. But with the help of SaaS, all these can be done in a few days or less. Besides that, companies can be provided with instant access to an unrestricted, global market, and market a product without raising the delivering cost proportionally. By this time, you might have understood why everyone rush towards SaaS platform!

How do you build a successful SaaS product?

Here is a checklist of things to be addressed to make a product launch perfect and extraordinary.

  • Refine your SaaS product idea

Identify some audiences who are genuine and glad to give unbiased feedback. Once found, share your SaaS product idea and hear from them. The idea might seem entirely flawless for you but minor issues can be seen only by outside people. Also, it’s a great idea to improve and optimise the present plan, new ideas might arise, may be!

  • Find who needs your product

The real quest is to identify who your audiences are. Create a list of users who can benefit from your product. From that list, you can start spreading awareness and sending messages not to miss out any users at the end. Now, you would have gathered enough information after research.

  • Engage them with your product

It is too clear that people make decisions only when they believe in a product. In order to gain trust, we will have to let them experience and engage with your SaaS product. Though your product does not completely exist, you can create a demo or a minimum viable product. It is a smaller version of your product to deliver your prospects a basic service your product offers.

  • Find investors for your product

Set a campaign and find new audiences who are willing to invest in your product. Get their contact information immediately and improve relationship with them apart from texting and mailing. Try offering freebies in your campaign to attract wider audiences. Who doesn’t like a gift?

  •   Connect with other SaaS products

Weird but smart! Build relationships with other SaaS product companies to get support and guidance from them. You can connect via social media, attend SaaS events and conferences, or write guest blogs on other company sites. Writing guest blogs will get you build valuable back-links to your website.

  • Schedule a launch date

While you have developed an entire first version of your SaaS product, set a launch date. Meanwhile continue building investors.

  • Spread words about your launch

Use both inbound and outbound marketing strategies to ensure you are getting the word out about your launch in every nook and corner. Few of the effective marketing efforts are running ads on Facebook and other marketing ads, making press releases, attending SaaS conferences, and many more.

  • Time to launch your product

Before launching your product, make sure that all your product’s features and functionalities are working for different users and on different devices. Ensure your team test every detail of it. Here you go, launch!

  • Improve features and functionality consistently

In order to keep your SaaS product evolving constantly, get feedback from your attendees when you push your product live. Note it down the requested features and functionalities and use those as a guide to develop version 2 of your SaaS product.

The above-mentioned checklists are to be followed mandatory to build a successful SaaS product.

As we all know, SaaS is the most thriving service in the IT industry. If used efficiently, its benefits are countless. Build your own SaaS product today!

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